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Running shoes, cross country shoes?

I was looking at the Zoom Miller XC, the GHAC XCs and Nike Free trainer 7.0s (These are all nike). I was going to start running again and I was looking into various shoes.

1. I was going to get a pair of Megabounce + from adidas or Nike 360s for long distant running on concrete. (%26lt;10 miles)

2. I like the zoom millers because nike says: %26quot; a science of tread design that lends traction on grass snow mud and loose terrain. %26quot; These are cross country shoes so I thought they would be useful to have as multipurpose because of the tread on the bottom is rubber but not spikes - I wanted a shoe that would be less inclined to get saturated with dirt like typical running shoes with their cloth lininig; I also wanted a shoe I could play a few casual sports games in- (its a little funny showing up to a game with cleats when it was only going to be light).

People say you can wear any shoe for whatever purpose; but I was trying to specialise the shoes I would to wear.

Running shoes, cross country shoes?
Don%26#039;t get too hung up on marketing. Nike is very good at it, yet if you look at people running down the street, you see few Nikes on runners feet.

You also don%26#039;t need to overthink specialized shoes for cross country. Every cross-country course I ran in high school or college was rarely worse more than a smooth dirt fire road. There is nothing wrong with specializing, but do focus on fit and comfort.

Most conventional running shoes will suit your purposes. I like to buy 2 pairs at a time, and alternate or dedicate one for the dirty stuff.

The best advice any of us can offer, is go to a running shoe store, and let them 1) measure your feet, and 2) watch you run. It is CRITICAL to find a shoe that suits your tendencies. If you need stability control, or have high arches, flat feet, pronate, supinate, whatever, you will perform MUCH better in the right shoes and stay injury free.

I can%26#039;t wear Nike, and never have been able to. I%26#039;m an Asics and New Balance guy exclusively. Adidas has come a long way...

Good luck, and welcome back to the road...
Reply:What the guy above me said about marketing has a lot of merit. Do not be decieved by Nike%26#039;s multi-million dollar advertising campaigns!

My advice- go to a local running shop and ask them to help you out. I%26#039;m not talking about some big chain like Big 5 or Foot Locker. Avoid these places. Go to locally owned shops and you are basically sure to find some people with a wealth of knowledge on running shoes!

It may seem strange because most of your life you%26#039;ve probably been exposed to the brands like Nike and Adidas, but as far as running shoes go, they really aren%26#039;t that great. They%26#039;ve got some nice shoes, but those guys are to obsessed with being flashy. I am personally partial to Mizuno- I think they make excellent shoes for the money put down.
Reply:I have Nike Free 5.0 for flat surfaces
Reply:It looks like you%26#039;ve done your homework already! I love my Asics and run in them in whatever condition- if it%26#039;s super muddy, you%26#039;re going to get muddy. i do agree with you however that having some trail runners will help; I used to own a pair of Nike Trail Blazers (I believe that%26#039;s what they were called, its been some time now) that I wore when I ran %26#039;real%26#039; cross country- on trails in the woods when it was wet, slippery, etc. They had enough traction and didn%26#039;t seem to hold onto the mud as much. If they%26#039;re comfortable, I%26#039;d say go for it. It does help to have a pair like that because running in spikes is something I only do for races- flat road runners or spikes.

As far as running strickly on the road- like I said, I have a pair of Asics that I love because they are so comfortable, have great cushion and I have never needed to break them in. I went on a long run right away when they were new and had no problems whatsoever. They are a great neutral shoe that aren%26#039;t narrow, give great support and have a long mileage life as far as I%26#039;ve found.

I hope this helps!!

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Running shoes...puma?

is the puma ALSTEN a good running shoe for daily running on a treadmill?

its under running shoes, but it doesnt look very padded and looks more like a fashion/lifestyle shoe. its also described as a sprinters shoe, so is it not good for running on a treademill?

i just started running, so i dont know what kind of shoe to get?

thanxs for the help!

Running shoes...puma?
pumas are generally flats and more for track or competitions. The are also usually not the best for running
Reply:Yuck! Puma%26#039;s trying to pass themselves off as a running shoe is a bad idea. Go with a pair of shoes that make their living off running. Try Asics, Mizunos, or Saucony. They have shoes made for everything so you can get more cushioning if you know you get sore feet or more structured shoes to help prevent you from a twisted ankle. For a treadmill I would recommend any pair of Asics, except there trail running shoes. The shoes will last at least 400 miles even more if its just on a treadmil.
Reply:I recommend MacGregor%26#039;s .
Reply:Try Mizuno Creation

These were featured as the best shoe in an article for people w/ neutral feet. If you have supination they recommend other ones.

Also New Balance is a good brand.

Check out some more suggestions here:
Reply:well I love Pumas, however not for any real exercises, more for fashion wear. I prefer for running Nike, they are the most comfortable shoes I have for running in the gym (I have Nike, Adidas, Asics as well) Go to the store and try them on take a little jog in the store to make sure they are what you want.

Also if they are a %26quot;sprinting shoe%26quot; they are for just that, small sprints (like track shoes) these will not be your most comfortable shoe as far as distance running, they are made to be light, small, and have good traction to run as fast as you can. You will need a running/cross training shoe.

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New running shoes resulted in knee pain! normal??


my knees were a little achey, so i recently was fit for new running shoes (i apparantly overpronate) that supposedly would correct for overpronation. well, with the new shoes, my knees REALLY hurt -WAY more than they did when running in my old shoes -in fact, both knees hurt- while running and even after running. is this normal? is there a %26#039;break-in%26#039; period when you switch to a stable shoe? how long is it? i thought the new more stable shoes woud reduce knee pain, but it has been just the opposite. should i just run through the pain, assuming it will get better eventually? wear knee braces? switch shoes (i would hate to do this -they cost a fortune and were fit by in a running store by someone who watched me run to judge my gait, so i assume they are right)? thanks for any and all help/advice! this has been really frustrating %26lt;and painful!%26gt;. . .

New running shoes resulted in knee pain! normal??
try seeing a podiatrist and possibly get fitted for orthotics. I used to have injury problems all the time due to overpronation and nothing ever fixed it until i got orthotics.
Reply:I would have the store analyze your stride to see if there is anything they could tweak to stop the knee pain. If it%26#039;s persistent, then maybe fit you for a different pair of shoes.
Reply:certainly knee joints take lot of strain
Reply:its ok cz ur just gettin used to it
Reply:your breaking in your new running shoes you have to keep on running so the shoes break in completely and feel normal
Reply:Abnormal, and maybe shoe size is abnormal too!
Reply:i have had this many times before, there are many reasons that could be causing this, such as:


-is the shoe heavyer than your normal running shoe?

as this could be causing your leg to fall out of flex faster and jar your knee.

-is the shoes sole thinner than your normal/last shoes?

as this could be causing you to land with straighter legs than needed, slightly crushing your leg.

-is the insloe a different shape to your normal/last shoe%26#039;s?

as this could change weight distrubution and effect your knee.


first resolution: try and take longer more controlled strides and keep using so your body can ajust.

second resolution: get insoles, or again take controlled strides until your body has adjusted

resolution three: Get insoles, try unfitted first as they are cheaper.

if none of this works take them bcka!!
Reply:i had this too for a while. running is really tough on joints the jarring pound of your footsteps can really mess you up if you run a lot. try getting a good pair of running shoes while good shock absorption, or some orthopaedics help too (those gel things you put in your shoes), also, if you%26#039;re running on pavement or other hard surfaces thats really bad. try running in dirt or sand. its easier on your joints and its a better workout because the ground absorbs more of your step and your feet wont bounce as easily into the next one. running on uneven surfaces also strengthens ankles so they become less likely to get sprained, and it can help you avoid shin splints. if your running on a road just try to run on the part where it meets the grass or dirt on the side rather than on the asphalt, this way you dont have to change your normal circuit. your body may need time to let your joints recover, and even if you follow this advice things could get worse if you dont let them get better first. so switch to biking or swimming for a cardio workout for now, those will allow you to recover and come back better than ever! wow this is long sry. good luck!

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Running Shoes?

I need to find some cool track spikes

any suggestions

i wear a womens 5.5 and a mens 4

Running Shoes?
depends what event ur planning on running. my friend runs track and she suggests anything asics. asics hyper-rocketgirls are pretty legit and easy to get used to, i%26#039;m assuming your running track for high school
Reply:Go to your local running store. They will be willing and able to fit you into the proper track spike depending on your event. If they don%26#039;t have one that is %26quot;cool%26quot; enough for you, ask them if there are any they can special order from the catalog that would work for your event.

General rules:

-Events 400m or lower get a spike without a heel.

-Events 800m and longer should have small or full length heel.

-Field event have specially designed shoes, but most can be done with middle distance spikes.

Lastly, go for what is most comfortable. This is why you go to a running store so you can run it the spikes of a short while. Try not to order out of a catalog if you can help it.
Reply:DO NOT BUY shox. They are very poor for your feet (especially for running), plus they are not even track spikes. If you like Nike, you can go to the website and customize your spikes(school colors are popular)--it%26#039;s pretty cool.
Reply:go online to either hibbett or nike%26#039;s store and order some
Reply:nike shocks
Reply:try nike or addidas. go to a local sports/running store, usually they have track spikes.
Reply:if your shoes are running, you better catch them

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Running shoes?

where buy

Running shoes?
I%26#039;m pretty impressed with these guys. They seem to know what they are doing.

It is important to know what type your foot is. Also check out the Zappos link below. There are tips on identifying what your foot type is and what shoes would work best. You will find information on arch types, gaits (overpronating vs. underpronating) and shoe types. Searching by shoe sizes, widths and colors are additional options as well.

Hope this is helpful.
Reply:Shops selling sports stuff???
Reply:running shoe shop
Reply:Do you mean %26quot;where to buy running shoes in Singapore?%26quot; a couple of places, there are brand boutiques, world of sports, royal sporting house and of course queensway shopping centre.
Reply:once again, someone asks the same questions.

if you%26#039;re going for really new models then i suggest sticking to the main stream shopping centres around town. They%26#039;ll carry the latest models at the %26quot;latest price%26quot; too.

however, if you really are just looking for functionality, i suggest going to Queensway Shopping Centre. It%26#039;s like 2.5 stories of sports shop which sells a variety of track shoes. Note however that the track shoes sold there are usually past seasons but suits just fine.

for me, the key thing is you can get the functional shoes at a good bargain.
Reply:You can try Queensway shopping center. There are many sport shop there.

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Running Shoes?

I am a runner and a triathlete, but i need to find a good shoe that works. I have been using nike forever but im sick of them. please!!!!!! i need tips from those of you who are runners!!!!!!

Running Shoes?
Look around at a race. I%26#039;m sure you%26#039;ll see a lot of Asics and Saucony. I%26#039;m partial to Asics, although it%26#039;s hard to recommend a model without knowing what type of foot you have. Try some Asics on in a store. Holabird Sports has great prices on their website. I%26#039;d get a pair for training and a pair for racing. The Asics DS Trainer is a nice racing shoe.
Reply:The brand of shoe, style, and type all depends on your foot type. Do you have high, low arches? Over or underpronate? Wide feet? Narrow Feet? etc....the best way to find the best running shoe for you is to visit a professional running store. Bring in a pair of old running shoes so that they can examine your old treads. You want to find a place that preferably has a treadmill, so that they can watch you run. I would call ahead and ask if they have someone that works in their shoe department that can do a gait analysis. I go to Luke%26#039;s Locker or Run On!. Depending on where you live....I went through so many shoes before I decided to finally have someone who knew what they were doing fit me into the right shoes. So, don%26#039;t waste your time. Get yourself properly fitted.
Reply:Hello Lauren,

Running shoes are very important. I am glad that you are taking the time to do your research. Please visit for some great advice on choosing a quality running shoe. Good luck to you!
Reply:Nike shoes are pretty good. I wear them as sneakers. If you fit into Nikes, you will probably fit into Saucony shoes and Asics as well. I recommend both of these brands, as they both have a wide variety of shoes for whatever you may like or need.

Reply:Asics is by far the best all purpose running shoe in my opinion. My feet are narrow and my feet don%26#039;t slide and I haven%26#039;t had a problem with shin splints since ditching my Nikes.
Reply:puma is the way forward man

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Running Shoes?

does anyone know if the nike shox turbo v+ is a good shoe because I%26#039;m buying new and I like that pair.

Running Shoes?
I would not reccomend the shox for running. It%26#039;s more cosmetics than anything. If you want a good nike running shoe, first you need to figure out if you%26#039;re foot strikes and pronates outward, inward, or neutral when you run. There are specific shoes for each of these types, I know the Nike Pegasus is for neutral, can%26#039;t remember the others off the top of my head. But the Nike shoes that are good for running are the Elites, Pegasus, and Structure Triax. My foot is designed for the Structure Triax, and it%26#039;s a great shoe that a lot of elite runners use.

If possible go to an actual Running Store, and if they are a decent store they will watch you run outside the store, then recomend the shoe for you.

Don%26#039;t go with the shox though, they are not a good running shoe.
Reply:The best runner on my xc team wears them and he has no complaints so they must be
Reply:Go to the store Run On and they will watch you walk and/or run and tell you what type of shoe type you are and will help you try on multiple shoes of that type until you find the perfect fit

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